The Genius of Weights

“You do not look like lifts.”
I have heard this phrase more than once in my life, and it is always given in the shirt of a large sleeve by a big man, which surely it looks like he weighs. And who has no doubt, he is making a basis for his observation on specific muscle standards.
Although it is only: Like most of you, I never want to become a muscle. Or powerlifter. Or a strong competitor. So do I look like any of them? Not at all.
But do I feel like I should take weight? Absolutely. I’m lean and fit, and my muscles are well defined, even if they are not out of my shirt.
You see, we do not have to take weights to make 20 inch biceps. In fact, for most women, this is not exactly because resistance training can be the most effective way of losing fat and can be very good in swimming suits. What is more, the benefit of lifting is in almost every aspect of your health and welfare. After almost 12 years of reporting in the field of health and fitness, I have come to a concrete conclusion: You have to be mad to not take weight – even if big bisepas want to be the last thing.

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